Saratoga County has purchased ten Cyanokits and strategically deployed them around the County. Cyanokits are an antidote for cyanide poisoning, thought to be the leading cause of death in fire victims. Two kits each are presently available in Clifton Park-Halfmoon, Malta, Community, Wilton and Moreau. Please consider calling one of these agencies for a Cyanokit for any arrested patient pulled out from a structure fire or for any firefighter who collapses in arrest during or after interior structural firefighting activities. Our resuscitation rate for fire victims in Saratoga County is dismal – near zero. A study using the Cyanokit over an 8 year period in Paris shows that we may be able to revive more than half of our fire scene victims with this new antidote. If you have an arrest at a fire scene, please call for an agency with a Cyanokit. For more information on Cyanokit, visit