Effective February 1 (2018), Saratoga County will begin dispatching EMS calls with an address AND the municipality in which the call is located.  Lately, we have been struggling to dispatch EMS calls by Zone, particularly in Wilton, Malta-Stillwater and Clifton Park.  Because Desk Officers must geo locate each cellular 911 call, the process results in unacceptable delays in call processing times.  Landline calls display 911 Zone data, but these encompass less than 10% of our total call volume.  This recommendation came from a Communication Sergeants meeting and promises to both speed call processing and provide better call location information at the time of dispatch.  In our new TriTech CAD system, we will be pushing much more explicit call location information via IaR and the Mobile CAD product, so this fix is an interim one.  Contact EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy with any questions.