Effective Monday, March 7th (2016) at 0800, crew confirmation will be implemented for EMS calls. If a crew has not been confirmed within 3 minutes of initial call activation, EMS Dispatch will Mutual Aid the call following the MAP on file. Confirmation means radio communication with EMS Dispatch by by a member of the activated EMS service indicating that a crew is available. The 5 minute MA mark remains unchanged, that is, if an ambulance is not enoute to the call within 5 minutes of initial activation, the call will be Mutual Aided. A copy of the policy change has been posted on the downloads page (link above). For a copy with the pertinent changes highlighted (in yellow), click here. This change is being implemented by County EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy at the request of the Saratoga County EMS Council. Direct any questions or comments to Coordinator McEvoy.