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Important Course Information

Students must bring payment for textbooks (or department voucher), course tuition or proof of agency membership, and a valid CPR card (BLS or Professional Rescuer) to first night of class. Refresher students should also bring a copy of their EMT card. Proof of agency membership (DOH-3312) forms can be found here. Please note: any person who has previously held the same NYS certification or higher level than the course they enroll in must enroll in a refresher course. Students with previous NYS certification who enroll in original courses might be ineligible to sit for the NYS exam. Contact the Course Instructor or Administrator if you are unsure of your eligibility. The Saratoga County EMS Council Course Administrator is Mike McEvoy (office # 518-383-8608).

Resources for EMT and CFR Students

NIMS Training

To take NIMS training from FEMA, you will need to have FEMA Student ID (SID).  You can obtain one by clicking here.

Every EMT and CFR student must complete two National Incident Management System (NIMS) training courses:

Also, every EMT and CFR Student must complete an Introduction to Hazmat or equivalent:

  • IS-5a Introduction to Hazardous Materials
  • Equivalent means a course that meets the requirements of OSHA 1910.120(q)(6)(i). Students who have completed Firefighter I or Firefighter II can submit a copy of their OFPC training certificate as an equivalent to IS-5a.

To complete the on-line version of these courses, click on the course above. This will direct you to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website where you can enroll and complete a self-paced on-line version of the course. To verify completion, you must print a completion certificate and provide a copy of the certificate to your EMT or CFR Course Instructor.

EMT and CFR Refresher Student Additional Training

In addition to the above requirements, EMT and CFR Refresher Students must submit proof of having completed a NYS DOH On-Line 2019 BLS Protocol Update.  This is completed on-line at

To create an account on Vital Signs Academy (which you must do in order to use the site), click here for an instruction sheet.

Additional Resources for Paramedics

We know you’re confused, your CIC is probably confused, and we feel your pain. Even though we don’t teach paramedic or CC refreshers, we know what DOH wants. In addition to the NIMS Training listed above, Paramedics need one more course. And here it is:

So do the three NIMS courses above, add the IS-200.c course and you will have everything you need to satisfy the DOH requirements for NIMS initial or recertification training at the Paramedic level. Yippee!


NYS BLS Protocols and Student Reference Guide

Alas, New York State is no longer printing copies of the BLS Protocol manual, which makes sense since pretty much everyone has a smartphone and can get them as an app.  If you want a copy of the actual Protocol Manual, you can grab a PDF of it from the NYS DOH web site at  If you want an iOS or droid app, search your app store for NYS EMS Collaborative Protocols and you’ll find the Collaborative BLS and ALS Protocols.  These mirror the NYS BLS Protocols in every nook and cranny of the Empire State except for New York City.

Many moons ago, a Student Reference Guide was required to be distributed at the start of every EMS Course.  The State stopped printing and updating said Reference Guide in 2012, hence the copy posted to the State EMS web site is horrendously out of date (  So, in a week of complete boredom, the Saratoga County EMS staff took a swat at updating some of the material.  If you are equally bored and wish to see what might be there, have at it:


Some videos helpful for review of practical skills stations:

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