News & Announcements

County EMS Mutual Aid Plan Revised

Effective October 12th, 2004 a revised MAP will take effect. Changes developed with the input of numerous providers, administrators, physicians, and aeromedical experts were outlined in a letter mailed to all corps (click here for a copy of the letter) by County EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy. A quick overview of changes is available in a document accompanying McEvoy’s letter (click here for a highlighted copy of changes). The October 2004 revision of the MA Manual incorporates all changes made since the prior (January 2003) printing. The entire Mutual Aid Manual can be downloaded by clicking here or using the downloads button at the top of this page.

Emergency Response to Terrorism – EMS Course

Saratoga County Fire is offering the Emergency Response to Terrorism: Tactical Considerations for EMS starting Wednesday, Sept. 8th at Wilton Emergency Squad. The course will run 4 consecutive Wednesday nights from 7-10 PM. Preregistration is required by calling the Fire Coordinator at 884-4702.

Two New EMS Deputy Coordinators Appointed

Saratoga County EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy announced the appointment of two new EMS Deputy Coordinators, effective Friday, July 29th. They are John Stewart of Saratoga Springs and Andre Delvaux of Moreau. John is a firefighter/paramedic with Saratoga Springs Fire Department and is active in several Saratoga County ambulance agencies. He brings over 22 years of EMS experience including 7 years as Division Manager for a commercial ambulance service in the Capital District. Andre is a Registered Nurse and Captain of Moreau Emergency Squad. He brings over 16 years of EMS experience including 10 years as Captain of Moreau. Andre and John were chosen from 32 candidates who submitted resumes. McEvoy noted that he is, “honored to have John and Andre join the EMS Coordinator’s staff.” He asked EMS Leaders to join in welcoming them as they help to serve the EMS providers of Saratoga County. A listing of all Coordinators and their email addresses is posted on the EMS Coordinator page of this website.

Fair Help Needed – Fair EMS Help Needed

The Saratoga County Fair will run from Tuesday, July 13th through Sunday, July 18th, 2004. Gates will be open from 11 AM until midnight each day and certified EMS providers are needed to staff the First Aid Station as well as cover special events. Ambulances are also needed for 6 PM to midnight coverage each evening. For more information, please contact Jeff Reisner at, phone 518-470-7964 or Stan DeLong at, phone 518-885-5381, ext 4152 or 518-8582-1090.

County EMS & Fire Radio Planned System Shut Down

On Tuesday, July 6th, at 7:00 PM, the County Fire and EMS radio system will be taken off the air for about 20 minutes to allow tie-in of the now completed fully redundant back-up communications center off site from the Sheriff’s Department. All agencies are asked to provide an phone contact during this time and either staff their stations or assume dispatching themselves. Full details are available in a letter sent to all agencies that you can see by clicking here.