News & Announcements

Calling all Radio License Holders

Thousands of users throughout the country did not respond to the FCC’s frequency audit, and so some 19,976 public safety frequencies could be placed back into the “assignable” category including many Saratoga County Fire, Police, Local Government and, yes EMS licenses. To see a listing of non-responding agencies in the entire country, Click here- Automated Frequency Coordination – APCO International. To see an excel spreadsheet of just those non-responders in New York State, click here: NYS non-responders to FCC audit.

Updated Mutual Aid Manual Updated Again

Page 17 of the newly updated Mutual Aid Plan has been updated to reflect a reduction from three to two ambulances in General Schuyler Emergency Squad. Users can download the revised page from the Downloads button at the top of this page.

Quality Improvement (QI) Section Debuts

A Quality Improvement section has been added to our web site to provide information on QI activities in Saratoga County. This section will allow interested parties to learn about QI activities in the County as well as check on their local Fire Department or Ambulance Corps participation in the New York State mandated QI program.

Child Abuse Reporting Update

Recent clarifications in Child Abuse EMT reporter obligations necessitated changes in our sample SOP’s. The clarifications require an EMT with each agency involved in care of a suspected abused or neglected child to file a separate report. Also, EMTs need only provide the information they have on the written report (form DSS-2221A). Information on the report (submitted to the local DSS Child Protective Service) not available from EMS will be obtained by the local Department of Social Services. You may download the revised SOPs here:

  • Reporting Suspected Child Abuse SOP – Ambulance
  • Reporting Suspected Child Abuse SOP – BLSFR (First Response Services)
  • Attachment DSS-2221A.pdf (needed to accompany both of the above SOP’s)

Radio Procedures Manual Updated

The Saratoga County EMS Radio Procedures Manual was updated in December 2002 (revising the May 1993 edition). Single copies were mailed to all EMS agencies by the Office of Emergency Services. Additional copies may be downloaded by clicking on the Downloads button at the top of this page.