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NYS: “Finger-sticks are not an EMT Skill”

In December 2001, County EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy requested a determination from the NYS Health Dept. Bureau of EMS on whether a finger-stick for the purpose of blood glucose determination is within the scope of practice of an EMT-Basic in New York State. The was prompted by conflicting information between the Bureau of EMS and another State Health Department agency: the Clinical Lab Evaluation Program at Wadsworth Center who issues registration numbers to ambulance corps (among other medical groups and offices) to perform laboratory testing. In August 2002, McEvoy received a response from Ed Wronski, Director of the Bureau of EMS indicating that performing a finger-stick is not within the scope of practice of an EMT-Basic in New York.

Anthrax Response Advisories

DOH has issued Policy # 01-08 Unknown Dry Substance/Suspected Anthrax Response Advisory, as well as a Patient Fact Sheet (updated 10-26-01), and Decon Information. For your information, we have also included the Wadsworth Lab criteria for testing and the protocol for submitting samples. Please note that it is the responsibility of the State Police to determine whether a sample meets the criteria for testing. EMS, HazMat, and Fire are not generally called to respond to suspected anthrax threats.

EMD Changes effected April 2001

Version 11.0 of the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) has been fully implemented in Saratoga County. While the new cards contain the most comprehensive changes ever introduced, field providers will notice only a few differences. These include addition of a new Echo level response determinant and implementation of an automatic helicopter standby protocol in Saratoga County. Click here for the complete text of the new changes.

Abandoned Infant Protection Act

Did you know that persons unable to care for their newborn infants can anonymously leave their baby with your ambulance corps or fire department? The Saratoga EMS Council suggests you take a look at this New York State website and consider what action your organization will take if a child is brought to you. Most departments plan to simply transport the infant to a local hospital for evaluation and placement. Click here to view the Abandoned Infant Protection website.