News & Announcements

Fall 2018 EMT Courses Announced

The Fall 2018 EMT schedule has been released and registration is open on the Council web site.  Courses include an EMT Original class at Wilton EMS Station #2 in Schuylerville and an EMT Refresher class at Malta-Stillwater EMS Main Station in Malta.  Click here for a PDF copy of the schedule.  To register for a class, go to the Training dropdown on our home page or click here.  If the schedule for the course you need does not match what you are looking for, visit to learn about other courses in the area.

Dispatch Change – Feb 1, 2018

Effective February 1 (2018), Saratoga County will begin dispatching EMS calls with an address AND the municipality in which the call is located.  Lately, we have been struggling to dispatch EMS calls by Zone, particularly in Wilton, Malta-Stillwater and Clifton Park.  Because Desk Officers must geo locate each cellular 911 call, the process results in unacceptable delays in call processing times.  Landline calls display 911 Zone data, but these encompass less than 10% of our total call volume.  This recommendation came from a Communication Sergeants meeting and promises to both speed call processing and provide better call location information at the time of dispatch.  In our new TriTech CAD system, we will be pushing much more explicit call location information via IaR and the Mobile CAD product, so this fix is an interim one.  Contact EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy with any questions.

3M Donates Stethoscopes to Vet EMT Class

3M has graciously donated sixteen 3M Littman Master Classic II Navy Blues Stethoscopes, one to each of the military veterans currently enrolled in the Saratoga County EMS EMT Original Class for Military Veterans.  The class, currently in progress at Clifton Park & Halfmoon Ambulance Corps under the leadership of New York State Certified Instructor Coordinator Russ Coonradt, is a unique program supported by local businesses and veterans organizations to provide Emergency Medical Technician training to military veterans.

Russ Coonradt, CIC (center) accepts a donation of Littman stethoscopes from 3M representatives.

Spring 2018 EMT Courses Announced

The Saratoga County EMS Council’s Spring 2018 course schedule has been released and sign up for classes on the Council web site is open.  Courses include an EMT Original and EMT Refresher at the Malta-Stillwater EMS main station. Click here for a PDF copy of the class schedule.  To enroll in classes, select “EMS Professionals” above and then click “Register.”  If you don’t see a class that meets your needs, please visit for other courses in the area.