The Saratoga County Fair kicks off Tuesday, July 18th and will run through Sunday, July 23rd. EMS staffing is needed from 9 am through midnight each day. Annually, EMS providers donate countless hours to cover special events during evenings weekends and to staff the EMS clinic and response teams on site continuously each day. All levels of providers from CFR through Paramedics are needed this year and ambulances are needed on site each evening from 6 pm through midnight. Loans of equipment including portable O2 cylinders with regulators, non-wooden LBBs, and portable suction units are also needed. Interested individuals and agencies are encouraged to contact either Jeff Reisner (phone 885-4587, email or Stan DeLong (phone 885-5381, ext 2201, email An informational meeting will be held in early June for those interested in participating. Consider having a great time while helping make the County Fair a safe event for your family and neighbors!