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Flu Vaccine PODs are a GO

Saratoga County is offering both seasonal and H1N1 influenza vaccinations to EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement members through our POD (Point Of Distribution) system. Members (and high risk family members aged 19 or older) who registered to attend one of the PODs (registration closed Friday, November 6th) should attend:

  • November 10th (Tues) – Moreau EMS (4-8 pm)
  • November 17th (Tues) – Clifton Park-Halfmoon Ambulance (4-8 pm)
  • November 19th (Thurs) – Community Emergency Corps (Ballston Spa, 4-8 pm)

Here are some resources: Updated Question and Answer sheet about the PODs

Both live nasal spray seasonal vaccine and injectable (shot in the arm) inactivated seasonal flu vaccine will be available to emergency responders, both free of charge. Click here for information on the nasal spray seasonal vaccine and click here for information on the attenuated injectable seasonal flu vaccine. H1N1 vaccine is all injectable (shot in the arm) click here for the information sheet about the H1N1 vaccine.

EMS Dispatch Migration Complete

The planned cut of EMS communications with Dispatch from the current 155.925 MHz to the EMS Ops 154.355 frequency has been completed. We have contacted as many mutual aid agencies as possible to advise them of the need to modify their radios. Click here for a copy of the notice distributed by the EMS Council on the cut over. It would be helpful to review your radio inventory and also check with your MA agencies to assure that all equipment has been reprogrammed and is operational on the new frequencies.

Council Rescinds Countywide ALS Intercept Agreement

Participants in the Countywide ALS Intercept Agreement initially effected in 2004 have been notified that the Saratoga County EMS Council will rescind the agreement effective June 1, 2009. Originally effected to facilitate ALS Intercepts and payment between services for patient care, changes in Medicare and billing requirements have negated the effectiveness of the agreement. Participants have been advised to obtain individual agreements with each agency they intercept with. A sample agreement template based on the earlier Countywide agreement has been posted here and in the downloads section of the Council website for use by individual agencies.

Pager Bid Open to EMS Agencies

The County Fire Paging Initiative undertaken by the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors in conjunction with the Office of Emergency Services will provide replacement pagers for Saratoga County Fire Departments on the 155.925 paging frequency. Migration of all EMS and Fire paging to this frequency is expected to begin in May 2009. Talk back for EMS units in the field to EMS Dispatch will be migrated on an agency by agency basis to the EMS Ops frequency (154.355). The contract awarded by the County to Motorola is open to EMS agencies who may wish to acquire additional pagers. Pricing is highly competitive. Details are on the OES web site which can be linked to by clicking here. Ordering information is available through OES Director Paul Lent (email:

EMS Coordinator Issues Urgent Swine Flu Advisory

EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy issued an April 26th advisory to all Saratoga County EMS Agencies outlining key strategies for EMS agencies (including Fire Department first responders) to implement for protection of their members and public health partners in managing patient care. Dispatch level strategies have also been implements and are included in the outline. Click here for a copy of the advisory. We have also established a separate page with other documents we’ve been asked to share with you.