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First Responder Escape Pack Training Aids Posted

Two PowerPoint presentations have been posted to the Downloads section of the Council website for agency level use in demonstration and orientation to the WMD backpacks and Scott SCRAM escape hoods distributed on Tuesday, July 26th at the Fire Training Center. Both the WMD Backpack presentation and the SCRAM presentation are available at the downloads button at the top of this page.

EMS and Fire Groups Highlight Radio Problems

In a press conference at the Clifton Park Firehouse on August 9th, representative of Saratoga County Fire and EMS organizations highlighted ongoing problems with the emergency radio communications in the County. Clifton Park Fire Chief Art Hunsinger, Saratoga County Fire Advisory Board Chair John Mazur, and EMS Council Secretary Henry Propst told reporters that the present radio system is unreliable. On August 10th, Fire Advisory Board Chair John Mazur and County EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy addressed the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors at their monthly agenda meeting, bringing concerns from Fire and EMS agencies about the radio system. Recognizing continued work by the Supervisors to build a new emergency radio system, Mazur and McEvoy recommended more immediate action be taken while development of a new system continues. Immediate needs are to implement redundant paging using a method such as text messaging through alphanumeric pagers or cellular devices so that more than just the present system is used to alert responders. Obtaining a radio engineering consultation on the current system to optimize performance and suggest components for upgrade or replacement to assure availability of parts or replacements when breakdowns occur was recommended. Also, increased involvement of Fire and EMS leaders in radio system planning and implementation was recommended. For a copy of the EMS talking points developed between the EMS Council and Fire Advisory Board, click here.

EMS Leaders encouraged to subscribe to Listserv

EMS Leaders in Saratoga County are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the confidential Alerts Listserv started in November 2004 by the EMS Council. The Alerts Listserv will be used exclusively to disseminate confidential information in the event of a Regional, Statewide, or National emergency involving emergency services or public health. “There presently is no other means of quickly and privately distributing confidential information to EMS agency leaders in Saratoga County. I appreciate the Council putting this communication link into place for our use,” said Saratoga County EMS Coordinator Mike McEvoy . Available under the Subscribe button at the top of this page are an EMS News Listserv, a Courses Listserv, and a confidential Alerts Listserv for EMS Leaders.

WMD First Responder Packs to be issued July 26th

As presented during the MCI Train the Trainer class and the last EMS Council meeting, WMD First Responder Escape Packs will be distributed by the County Fire Coordinator on Tuesday, July 26th at the Fire Training Center. A brief inservice on use of the packs will be given to start at 7 PM. Preregistration is required by calling the Fire Coordinator’s Office at 884-4702.